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headshotHello, I am Angela Kelley and I am on a mission to help singles find love. As a Personal Matchmaker and Founder of A+ Introductions, I know firsthand that, despite all the myths that say otherwise, there are lots of wonderful and available singles just dreaming about making a special connection. I am committed to making those dreams of healthy, fulfilling relationships a reality.

When I arrived in the Triangle area over 25 years ago to attend North Carolina State University, I was immediately impressed by the kind, educated and diverse people in the area. I remained in the Raleigh- Durham area for several years, developing great friendships with a network of incredible people. I relocated to other cities for graduate school and work, however I always kept a special place in my heart for the Raleigh-Durham area. In 2005 I returned and re-established relationships with friends and colleagues. It was a pleasant surprise to see the amazing development and enhancements to the area. Beyond the population explosion and cultural growth, some things have only gotten better with time. The friendly nature of the people, the booming social scene and the explosion of professional and recreational opportunities make this area a spectacular place to live.

Despite all of the changes in the area, some things have remained the same. Regularly, I’ve met amazing single ladies and gentlemen searching for meaningful and committed relationships. At social gatherings and professional events, attractive, accomplished and successful singles ask me “Do you know any single ladies?” or “Where are all the single, nice guys?”. It turns out that there is an abundance of eligible, high caliber singles that call Raleigh-Durham home. The big question was “ How can I bring together these amazing people with so much to offer?” The answer was the creation of A+ Introductions.

As a Personal Matchmaker, I am thrilled to share my love for helping others while witnessing the start of new beginnings. I recognize that each A+ Introductions member brings unique qualities and is deserving of a stress-free, respectful and dignified matchmaking experience. When I’m not working to add love to the lives of my fabulous clients, I enjoy great conversations with family and friends, traveling, shopping and living life on purpose.

How does A+ Introductions differ from other dating services?

As a personalized, traditional matchmaking service, A+ Introductions focuses on providing quality introductions to singles ages 35 and older in the Triangle area. After becoming personally acquainted with each member, all matches are made by a Matchmaker (not a computer system) based on the individual member’s specific criteria. A+ Introductions is a selective service for members that seek long term committed relationships and does not work with individuals looking for casual dating. Unlike most online dating services, A+ Introductions creates a safe and reliable environment to meet quality, like- minded singles.

How much does an A+ Introductions membership cost?

Working with a Matchmaker is a personal investment however you do not need to be a millionaire to benefit from the service. Each A+ Introductions membership package is highly customized and may include a variety of options. During the introductory meeting, we will gather the necessary information to determine which services will best fit your needs and budget.

Can you guarantee that I will meet the man/ woman of my dreams?

Since matchmaking involves human emotions, preferences and expectations, there is always an element of unpredictability. A+ Introductions is committed to providing suitable matches for all members and will work diligently to find compatible mates. If you are not satisfied with the potential mate to whom you are introduced, please inform your matchmaker so that the appropriate adjustments may be considered.

Will I be able to see my match’s picture before agreeing to meet?

Privacy is of paramount importance for A+ Introductions. In order to respect each member’s privacy, pictures and personal information will not be shared. The philosophy at A+ Introductions includes the belief that you are more than a picture and profile paragraph. However, be assured that physical appearance is strongly considered as a part of the matchmaking process.

What kind of people use A+ Introductions?

A+ Introduction members include a variety of singles that are ready to add love to their lives. Many members are busy, attractive professionals that simply do not have time to search for eligible singles. Others have been disappointed with the time, money and energy required for online dating. Ultimately, all members are seeking a positive, safe, fun experience that results in a successful relationship.

What can I expect from A+ Introductions? What does the process look like?

A+ Introductions is committed to creating a fun, safe and rewarding experience for all members.

The first step is a one-on-one introductory meeting to discuss your needs, wants and expectations for your new relationship. In addition to providing information about your personal history, you will be asked to share details of the specific qualities you seek in a mate. This meeting is an essential part of your Matchmaker becoming acquainted with you and determining if A+ Introductions is the best service to meet your needs.
Details regarding customized membership options will be provided during your initial meeting. You will be encouraged to ask questions and to carefully consider all the service options.

The safety of all A+ Introductions members is a top priority. A thorough personal and criminal background check will be conducted for each potential member as a requirement for membership. A+ Introductions recognizes the importance of privacy and will not disclose the results of the background check. This is a very selective service and membership may not be offered to individuals that do not meet membership standards.
The integrity of the service is based on honest, open communication between the members and the Matchmaker. Each member will receive a copy of the A+ Introductions Membership Rules.

Following the initial meeting, a dedicated search for compatible mates will be conducted based on the specific criteria that you provide. By paying close attention to your personal values and lifestyle, A+ Introductions will find a potential mate. Each match is made by your Matchmaker, not a computer system, and will consider the characteristics that are most important to you.

Once a suitable mate is identified, the Matchmaker will meet with you in person or (if you prefer) notify you by telephone or email. Basic information about your potential mate will be shared as well as a brief explanation of what makes you well suited for one another.

Concierge services are available, as needed, to help make your first date a special occasion.
Following the first date, your Matchmaker will be in contact with both members to get feedback about the experience. This critical step will provide insight and will allow members an opportunity to refine the criteria used for making future introductions.

Ultimately you should expect A+ Introductions to provide a stress-free, one-of-a-kind experience to add love to your life!

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