Daylight Saving Time began Sunday morning, bringing joy for everyone that loves the extra hours of daylight. We can see the first signs of Spring as the trees begin to blossom and the weather slowly begins to warm up. As we prepare to say farewell to the long winter months, maybe it would be a good time to reconsider our love lives and relationship goals! Here are a few helpful ideas to get started today:

  1. Reassess your relationship goals: Maybe you haven’t given much thought to your relationship status since you shared your New Years resolutions with your close friends. Have you simply ignored your plans to find love this year? Have you pushed aside your goal to improve your dating life and pursue more social activities? The start of a new season is always a great time to take a close look at your future plans. Take a few minutes and give some thought to what you really want to see happen in your love life. Create a new plan or simply re-invigorate your original one. If you start today you will likely see results much sooner than you may have thought. Don’t procrastinate!
  2. Refresh your look: Spring is a great time to change your appearance. As you begin to shed the heavier winter clothes there is a better opportunity to show off the results of your winter workouts. Maybe it’s time to update your wardrobe or get a new haircut. Or maybe you want to try a new fragrance or skincare regimen. Sometime shaking up your outer appearance gives you a happiness boost that shines through. Don’t be surprised if your friends, family, coworkers – everyone around you– start to notice the subtle change in you. They may not be able to verbalize exactly what is different but they will notice you smile a little more, stand taller and have more pep in your step. That increased confidence is noticeable and attractive.
  3. Renew your commitment to love: If you have been out of the dating scene for a while or if you have been unlucky in love in the past, it can be very easy to de-prioritize that part of your life. Sometimes the memories are too painful or the challenge of meeting someone special can seem overwhelming. Or you simply might not give much thought to your relationship status. Now might be a good time to think more about your willingness to seek out and accept love. Are you lonely? Are you allowing other unhealthy choices (avoiding new connections, overeating, partying too much, casual hook-ups, etc.) to replace the love you really would like to have in your life? Try to address the root cause of your issue so that you are prepared for a healthy relationship when the appropriate partner comes along. Try talking with a close friend or schedule a session with a life coach will provide objective insight into what’s holding you back. If you truly want to add love to your life, this could be a great time to re-commit yourself to finding it.
  4. Rethink your approach to finding love: If you have decided that your love life is going to take center stage in your life this spring, take a little time to determine how you may best accomplish that goal. If what you have been doing so far has not given you the results you were hoping to find, it’s time to step up your game! Your new plan may include seeking out new places to make connections or creating new habits to expose you to new friends. Springtime is a wonderful time to socialize more—host a party, join a walking or exercise group (bonus: the endorphins created make you more attractive) or start planning a vacation to celebrate your renewed efforts while expanding your social network. If you have been dating online, why not try placing your focus on a different website? Show off your new Spring look by investing in new and improved profile pictures. If you prefer to meet people organically, remind your friends that you are looking for a new mate and ask if there are any candidates in their social circle that you might be able to meet. For more specialized help, consider traditional matchmaking with A+ Introductions as an option to add love to your life. If you are seriously interested in revitalizing your relationship status, do what it takes to spring ahead now! You will be so excited to see your love life blossom!