As a matchmaker, I am often out and about at various local events. I am fortunate to meet men of various ages, from all walks of life, every race and religion. It’s always a pleasure to hear their thoughts on the dating scene in the Triangle area.

Recently I attended an outdoor music event in Raleigh and met several single (and friendly) men. I asked each man to offer their best piece of dating advice to single women. Here is some of what they want the ladies to know:


  1. Be Yourself (Several men offered this tip): Be genuine and let down your guard. Be confident and present yourself as the person you are. There is no need to pretend to be someone you’re not in an effort to impress. If a man approaches you it’s because there was something about you that interested him. Let him see more of who you really are so the attraction may grow.


  1. Be Humble: It’s great that you have accomplished a lot in your personal life and career. However, when you are getting to know someone, there’s no need to toot your own horn constantly. Flaunting your achievements can sometimes come across as trying too hard. A man will appreciate your humble sprit and will recognize that you are a superstar as he gets to learn more about you.


  1. Let the Man Be a Man: Most guys take pride in treating you like a lady. They enjoy when you allow them to show off their masculinity. If a man offers to do something for you (open the door, pull out your chair, mow your lawn, etc.), allow him the opportunity to do it. It’s not that he doesn’t realize that you’re capable of doing things for yourself. It is just his way of expressing his interest and an attempt to gain your respect.


  1. Say “Hello”: When a man is making eye contact, smiling and saying hello, please return the courtesy and acknowledge him. Even if you aren’t interested in him, be polite and say ”hello”. It’s a lot of pressure for men (even confident men) to approach women so please help out a little to make the situation easier for him.


  1. Don’t Be Suspicious: Just because a guy says hello and strikes up a conversation doesn’t mean he has an ulterior motive or is trying to trick you into doing something you might regret. He might simply be trying to get acquainted. Unless he does something weird or creepy, give him the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes a friendly greeting is just that and doesn’t have a hidden meaning behind it.


  1. The Men Are Looking for You: (ALL the men agreed with this tip): Don’t believe the idea that there are not any good single men available. They are just as eager to meet nice women even if they don’t always know the best way to go about making that happen.

There you have it Ladies—insight from the awesome men of the Triangle. Be sure to keep these tips in mind as you meet men and see if it makes a difference in your experiences with making new friends. Feel free to share this blog with your friends and stay tuned for more insight on the Triangle love scene!