Being single for Valentine’s Day can be challenging for some Singles. However, in the total scheme of things, you might find it’s not so bad after all. Here are a few simple ideas to help you enjoy the holiday if you are not currently in a relationship:

  • DO WEAR RED! Not only is red the universal color of love and power it has also been proven to attract more attention. Help potential mates notice you on Valentine’s Day (or any day!) with a bright red top, tie or accessory. At the very least you will give off a happy and festive vibe. And everyone loves to be around people ready to celebrate a fun occasion.
  • DON’T CONTACT YOUR EX! It’s tempting to contact your Ex around Valentine’s Day. Deep down you probably realize that is usually a bad idea. Your Ex is your Ex for a reason and you might want to remind yourself of the reasons it didn’t work out. Most likely those reasons have not gone away. Romantic gestures of flowers and candy, candlelight and flirtation will not change the fact that your relationship has ended. Rather than sentimentalizing your past relationship, you would be better off thinking about your future. So… don’t call, text, Tweet, Facebook stalk, Snap Chat, visit, drive-by, or “accidentally” bump into your Ex this Valentine’s Day. Move on and keep your attention on all the awesomeness your next relationship will bring!
  • DO MAKE PLANS! Just because you are single on Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate! Make plans to have some fun! (You might want to avoid going to the most romantic restaurant in town where you’ll be surrounded by couples lost in love). Celebrate by practicing some random acts of kindness for strangers you meet. Go for a walk, smile and wish everyone you meet a “Happy Valentine’s Day”! Take a class at a local gym. Go shopping (or at least window shopping) to start planning your spring wardrobe. Get out of the house and make some new friends!
  • DON’T FORGET… YOU’RE ONE IN A MILLION! As special and unique as you are, these days being single puts you in the majority in the US. There are estimated to be almost 125 million single Americans age 16 and older. More than half (about 50.2%) of the American population is single. So if you are between relationships right now realize you are not the only one.
  • DO WHAT YOU GOTTA DO: If you find yourself bored at home on Valentine’s Day, take some time to handle the mundane tasks you normally put off doing. Challenge yourself to make it fun and do the chores with some extra flare! For example, if you need to work on your household budget, use your favorite red pen or print your spreadsheet on some bright pink paper. Need to clean the kitchen and dust? Try creating a playlist that features your favorite dance music and make it a party. (Bonus points if you can avoid any songs with “love” in the title). If all else fails, plan a night of guilty pleasures—relax in something comfortable, grab some yummy takeout from your favorite restaurant, a glass of your favorite wine (better yet—create your own Valentine’s special drink) and binge-watch that sitcom you’ve been meaning to watch. Treat yourself to a full night of relaxation, including a restful night of sleep. And embrace the opportunity to sleep peacefully across the entire bed without concern of disturbing anyone else!
  • DON’T OVERTHINK IT! So, what if all of your friends are out having romantic fun with their dates while you have no plans? It’s okay. It’s just one day. Carry on like you would any other Tuesday. If you are feeling isolated or depressed, try to focus on all the positive things happening in your life at the moment. Remember, Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark holiday with lots of marketing and advertising hype behind it. Tomorrow is another day and your fabulous life will go on.

Whether you are newly single or have been single for a while, Valentine’s Day can be tough to manage. The focus of the day can be overwhelming with all the syrupy-sweet reminders of romance. Keep in mind that the ads for engagement rings, flower bouquets and chocolate hearts are all intended to promote a fantasy to help business make money. Real, lasting love happens daily and is ultimately far more significant than those imaginary scenarios bombarding the media. Whether you are single or in a relationship, be sure to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a grateful heart!! Be thankful for the love that exists in your life and embrace those that bring you joy and happiness! <3