Single This Autumn? Three Tips to Help You Reset Your Social Life and “Fall” in Love!

It’s September!! Isn’t it hard to believe that Labor Day weekend is already here and we are just a few weeks from the first day of autumn? While everyone is always excited to have the fun and thrills that come with summertime (beach trips, spontaneous parties, vacations, fireworks, etc.), the fall can be a special time for singles as well. Typically there is a sense of calm that goes hand and hand with the fall. We tend to settle down and relax after an exhilarating summer… The days are getting shorter (the nights are getting longer!), the weather is cooling down and the fall foliage is gorgeous – setting the stage for a romantic scene. Our super-busy schedules begin to relax; our friends are back from their vacations and available to get together and we have more opportunities to socialize. Best of all, the end of summer can be the perfect time to reset our dating lives. Here are three easy tips to improve your social life and help make the most of the dating scene this fall:

  1. GET OUT OF THE HOUSE! Unless you have an arrangement where your new mate will be delivered to your home on demand by Fed-Ex, the odds are slim that you are going to meet that someone special while sitting at home. Find something to do that will get you out to enjoy the special moments of the season. Take a walk to admire the changing colors of the leaves in a park or hiking trail you’ve never visited before. Go to the Farmer’s Market and talk with someone about this year’s pumpkin harvest. Go to a local hot spot and challenge the bartender to create a drink using apples and cinnamon. Set a goal to make contact with a few new people every week. Engage in small talk to find out the happenings around town and then plan to go out and meet even more new friends. It never hurts to expand your network and meet new people to date.
  2. THROW A PARTY! The fall is a perfect time to throw a big party for all your family and friends. If you need an occasion to celebrate, simply call it the Change of Season party. If you are not a party animal, consider having a small get-together, cocktail party or dinner party. With the yummy seasonal foods available in the fall (pumpkins, apples, sweet potatoes, etc.) there are lots of hearty recipes to try. If you are not a foodie, then host a simple gathering of friends for a fun-filled game night or to watch a football game. The occasion for the “party” isn’t really important. The point is to simply socialize as much as possible. Ask each guest to bring along a friend or two. Turn on some fun music and have some fun icebreakers ready. Before you know it you will be having the time of your life and attracting fun-loving dates as well.
  3. GO BACK TO SCHOOL! The little ones aren’t the only ones that should eagerly look forward to heading back to the classroom. Whether your eight or 80, there is always something new to learn. Why not take a chance this fall and enroll in a class? Maybe you are a few classes short of earning a degree or perhaps you have always wanted to learn the fine art of basket weaving. Whatever your interest, taking a course or two is always beneficial. In addition to broadening your knowledge base, there are few greater opportunities to meet new, like-minded friends. And since it is always a good idea to date someone that shares your interests, a classroom is a great setting to meet potential dates. Research has shown that most singles find intelligence attractive, so put on your thinking cap! And for the true Smarty Pants that have already learned everything there is to know about everything, share your knowledge and try your hand at teaching a class! There’s no better way to grab attention (and attract dates) than to stand at the front of the class and dazzle potential suitors with all your wisdom. (But be careful of being a know-it-all). By the end of the course, you may very well have your own Teacher’s Pet!

Every season has its benefits and autumn is no exception. While kissing goodbye to the hot summer fun might be bittersweet, the fall brings it’s own abundance of pleasures! So, take a deep breath of the cool, crisp fall air, grab your pumpkin spice latte and enjoy the awesomeness of the next few months!

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