In the spirit of Halloween, here are a few cool ideas on how to find and a thrilling new mate:

Don’t be Scared! Getting out of your comfort zone to meet new people can be intimidating but it is a necessary evil if you are truly looking to add love to your life. Make a goal to get out of the house as often as possible so that you have an opportunity to encounter people you otherwise might not get a chance to meet. Putting yourself in new environments and facing new challenges can boost adrenaline and make you even more attractive than you already are.
Embrace the Mask! Be sure to create a little mystery on Halloween by wearing a costume or changing up your everyday look. Everyone is curious when a new mysterious stranger shows up. Practice giving a coy, flirtatious smile and watch your potential mates go wild with wonder! Try keeping up the mystique until you capture the attention of someone awesome and curious enough to approach you! Once Halloween has passed, remember the value of slowly revealing your true self. Although you should never be deceptive, it is okay to take some time before sharing personal information. Allow your potential mate the delight of getting to know the real you gradually. Little by little, sharing your vulnerability will increase the attraction and make you even more irresistible!
Trick or Treat! Halloween is the perfect time to catch up with friends, family and neighbors you may not see often. Unlike other holidays, there are very few expectations since there are no elaborate meals to prepare and no gifts to buy. Why not take some time to go visit? Drop in at a party or the trendiest hot spot in your cutest costume and mingle with every naughty ghost and goblin you meet. You never know who you might meet! Not sure what to say? Here are a few conversation starters:

“Wow! Great costume! What/ Who are you supposed to be…?”
“I’m taking a poll… what is your favorite/ least favorite Halloween candy?”
“What do you think about haunted houses?”
“What is the scariest prank you’ve played on Halloween”?
(Bonus points if you take along some treats to share with your new friends! You will definitely stand out as generous, creative and the most memorable person of the night!)
Stay Away from Ghosts and Zombies! If you are active on an online dating site or app, you are probably familiar with the concepts of “ghosting” and “zombie-ing”. Ghosting is the practice of a potential mate leading you to think they are interested (through dates, calls, texts, etc.) and then completely and unexpectedly cutting off all communication. Zombie-ing is when a Ghost tries to casually re-insert themselves back into your life as though nothing ever happened. Remember anyone who might ghost you is a coward and not worthy of your time. A Zombie is not to be trusted since they have already proven themselves to be unreliable. Although it may be painful to accept what has happened and hard to understand their motives, there’s no point in trying to decipher their reasoning. Remember, actions speak louder than words and their efforts to charm their way back are probably just empty promises. Attempting to re-engage with a ghost or a zombie will eventually lead to heartbreak. Simply move on to bigger and better things.

Halloween is all about having fun and socializing! Even if you have no plans for the night, take a chance exploring different festivities and intermingling with new friends. With any luck, you will be adding to your social network and creating opportunities to continue to fun times for months to come!