Early this morning, as the world watched the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, millions of singles privately asked themselves “Why can’t I meet someone so amazing, fall in love and live happily ever after?” The couple looked so happy and even the smallest of details at their glamorous wedding were made to look effortless. However, if we look beyond all the sparkle and glitz and step back for a moment to look at reality, it become more obvious that this fairy-tale-come-true took more than just the wave of a magic wand to happen. Here are a few lessons we can all learn from and use on our own journey to finding a very special prince or princess:


  • You might have to kiss a few frogs: One of the unique aspects of Harry and Meghan’s historic union is that Meghan is the first biracial divorcee to enter the royal family. The fact that she has been married before was probably an issue for some of the more conservative, upper-crust members of the royal community. It is clear that she brought a completely different life experience to this union. She has dated before and has at least one previous failed relationship. We can assume she has kissed a few other frogs in her past. And when things did not work out as planned, she picked herself up and tried again. Meghan was determined and reached out for her goal of finding a true prince. We can also learn from Prince Harry’s journey whose romantic adventures are well documented. The public has scrutinized his dating experiences for years and some of his choices were considered as questionable. Nevertheless, he did not stop taking chances or settle for someone because “society” expected him to be married at a certain point. He was true to himself and waited until he found the exact person he needed in his life Bottom line: Don’t give up on love. Remain persistent in your efforts to find what you want.


  • You might have some haters: There were probably naysayers telling Meghan that she would never be accepted into the royal family. Yet, today her father-in-law to be accompanied her to the altar and welcomed her into the fold. It might have been tempting to simply deny her love and run away from the fishbowl lifestyle she will be under from now on. Instead, Meghan looked past her haters. She refused to be caught up in the negativity of her (well-meaning?) family and friends and everyone on the Internet that felt it necessary to voice their opinions. Surely there were critics of the bride, the groom, their venue, their guests, their wardrobe, the music, the flowers, the cake…the criticisms were endless. Fortunately Meghan and Harry ignored what others thought about their decisions and chose to focus on their own happiness. Bottom line: Your choices about your love life are YOURS. Ignore the negativity and concentrate on the blissful life you wish to create.


  • Your story just might have a happy ending: Meghan and Harry met on a blind date! A mutual friend (who has not yet been named) set up their initial introduction. Imagine the surprise that each must have felt when they finally met in person. Meghan must have been thrilled to meet a handsome, wealthy, famous prince that shared her love for charitable work. In return, Harry probably couldn’t take his eyes off the beautiful, confident American actress so beloved by the Hollywood scene. Even if they were given a little information before the blind date, there were lots of reasons they might have declined to even meet. Harry is under the constant watch of the paparazzi and Royal-watchers and has been known for some reckless decisions in the past. Meghan is biracial, older and divorced—not exactly the textbook description of a royal girlfriend. Both must have recognized the potential obstacles in forging a relationship, and yet they cast aside their doubts and simply enjoyed their first date. And then the next date. And a third date…(reportedly a mission trip to Africa!). And eventually they fell in love, leading to one of the most memorable weddings of recent times. And they will live happily ever after. Bottom line: Take a chance and see where it takes you! No risk—no reward.

So, if you are ready for great things to happen in your love life, realize that it can happen for you! A celebrity-filled wedding with an unlimited budget might not be in your immediate future, but you might just be moments away from your next significant relationship. Like Meghan and Harry, your willingness to stay focused on what you want and need, your positive outlook and your flexibility may create endless possibilities to add love to your life.

♥ Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex ♥