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Thoughts of a Single Man

In honor of Single Man Appreciation Month, A+ Introductions wanted to provide an opportunity to hear what men actually think. For that reason, this blog post explores the thoughts of a single, 40+ year old gentleman, D.G. His perspective is the raw, unvarnished truth as he sees it and might step on some toes. D.G. is boldly honest and sincerely offers ladies a peek into the mind of a modern, well-educated, eligible man.

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Who’s Ready to Spring Forward… In LOVE?

Daylight Saving Time began Sunday morning, bringing joy for everyone that loves the extra hours of daylight. We can see the first signs of Spring as the trees begin to blossom and the weather slowly begins to warm up. As we prepare to say farewell to the long winter months, maybe it would be a good time to reconsider our love lives and relationship goals!

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